Did you know that 50% of instagram users follow businesses and brands? Did you know that using social media grows your business notoriety up 72%? And the sales up the 88%?

You’ve been wanting be showcase your business or brands and social media but never knew how?

In this one day training I will give you the keys to start on Facebook and Instagram, and how to showcase your brand by yourself, with personalised tips about YOUR business, and help you become your own Social Media Manager.

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June : 28 (french)

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September : from 17

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Training course : Develop your audience with Instagram

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Lucie Van Damme
CEO at ``By Lulu Communication``

After finishing her studies back in 2010, Lucie created her own blog ( This is how and when she learned to use social media.In 2015, after working in many different kind of places, her natural feelings for social media came back and she took over the account of a famous Brussels Hotel & Restaurant. She worked there for one year, and hasn’t stopped working as a community manager since then.

Her years as a blogger taught her a lot, including the importance of knowing well her fellow blogger to create meaningful collaborations. That’s also why, since 2016, Lucie is also a consultant for brands who want to work with bloggers or influencers.

Since she’s always been helping other people building their own instagram, such as friends of hers owning or creating a business, she decided to launch social media trainings of different levels. They are all focused mostly on instagram (as it has become one of the most important social media for businesses and companies). Today, 46% of Instagram users are following businesses or brands.

One of these training is also focused on Influenceurs and Bloggers, how to target them and how to work with them.

After this one day training, you should have everything you need to be able to handle the social media of your company by yourself.

Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Account will not have any more secrets for you!

This training course in designed for people with a certain knowledge of the social media channels (facebook, Instagram). You’re already using those channels for your business but you want to develop your audience, acquire new clients, engage your community, this training course is made for you.

  • Introduction
  • Differences between Instagram and Facebook
  • Facebook:
    • Fan page
    • Sponsoring
    • Sponsoring = targeting
    • Local tool
    • Frequency
  • Instagram:
    • Professional profile
    • Proactivity
    • The design
    • Use of the hashtags
  • What is commun between Instagram and Facebook?
  • Do’s & donts
  • Questions and answers
  • Case studies


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