Welcome to the SN Factory! The best FabLab in Belgium

Discover the SN Factory, an amazing FabLab in Belgium, specifically designed for the makers. We created this working space to give easy access to industrial machines and help people to create their product from scratch. No matter your experience or knowledge, you can come to the SN Factory to learn, experiment, or make any kind of object, from tech prototypes to artistic items.

All you need for bringing your project to life
At SN Factory, you will have access to machines that are only available in industrial factories. But this is not the only idea. The SN Factory can offer support to every step of your project. Whether you need help or advice, our team and our partners from Make.it will accompany you. Along with a workshop chief, you will receive all the help you need from technicians and engineers.
Our FabLab equipment and machines
Our goal is to become a unique place for invention in Brussels and in Belgium. If you are looking for a place equipped with a 3D printer, a CNC machine, a laser cutter machine, then this is the place! And if you just need a place where you can freely experiment and create your own project(s), this is the place too! The SN Factory is simply the best FabLab in Belgium!