In this training course you will learn how to implement your social media strategy through Instagram. You will get a better understanding of this social media and its scope, how to use it properly and how to target your audience.  You will also get a complete overview of the Instagram platform: how to create a professional profile, how to use the “stories” and the sponsored contents and many more.

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Training course : Getting started with Instagram

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Ambre Friedmann
Blogger & influencer

Ambre Friedmann is a 27-year-old Belgian blogger and influencer. Graduated from Solvay Business School in 2015, Ambre decided to quit her finance consulting job to work with her family and focus on social media. Ambre has been using Instagram professionally for almost one year while working with her family in the jewelry and luxury watches business. She has been collaborating with several brands (fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc.) throughout Instagram and her blog.

This one-day training consists in explaining from A to Z how to use Instagram. Ambre will go through the app with you. She will cover all steps to use the app efficiently: how to create your professional profile, how to create your first post, how to use the appropriate hashtags and identification tags, how to efficiently read and work with the app, how to use Instagram Stories and Highlights, how to analyze your statistics, how to promote a post, how to send private messages… As this is an interactive training, Ambre will also answer all your questions and help you get started with your profile.

This training course is designed for Instagram beginners. You have the app but don’t know how to get started with it? You want to know how to use it as a communication channel for your business?

Then this training course is for you !

  • Introduction and objectives
  • The differences between the main social medias: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat
  • Instagram: Create a professional profile, how to post on Instagram, using hashtags and tags, what is a feed, use stories, analyzing stats, promote a post, send a private message
  • Case studies





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